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Yet Another Country Bought the Vague, “Hope” Tag-Line!


“We open a way to hope”  This is the SYRIZA party slogan that was used to get Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras elected.  Now he is looking at a situation where he is “hoping” he can get out of.   If this new bailout package is “approved”, Greece will loose their sovereignty.  It will now have unelected international bankers dictating more debilitating austerity measures which include tax increase’s and an increase in the retirement age.  Their roughly 112.5 tons of gold will be liberated from them as well for the pretty colored paper with the wet ink still dripping.  They will also be forced to sell actual assets in exchange for the freshly created zeros and ones that will be transferred to them.  The must commit to transfer EUR50bn of “valuable greek assets” to an existing external fund.  Oh, and its going to be tough for them to come up with that kind of dough… Luckily they can sell their islands!  That way the Eurozone elite have a nice place to take their family on vacations.

Island of the Onassis Family, Greece ca. 1970-1997 Skorpios, Epirus, Greece

Island of the Onassis Family, Greece ca. 1970-1997 Skorpios, Epirus, Greec

They can just start to sell off everything so they can make that important payment to the international thieves.  And if that isn’t enough, they can just steal money from the private citizens bank accounts!  All for what?  They borrowed an illusion and are paying it off with reality.  What will Greece mortgage next?  1982GoldCups-Vaphio11Maybe they can sell their antiquities?  Maybe they can sell their heritage?  Maybe they can sell their family members? 

If they haven’t been successful at paying the last 2 rounds of bail-out packages, why are the international banks doing a third round?  Greece should take its lumps and leave the economic insane asylum that is called the Eurozone.  They would make you believe that Greece’s exit from the Euro would be a minor speed bump in the global market.  However, the world is looking at Greece, and the Euro/IMF are struggling to set a precedent for future, pending, similar issues… Who’s next? Spain? Italy?……………………………………….The US?







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  1. The Greek people are better than this.

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