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Why is it that the United States spent $610 Billion on defense (war) in 2014? (2015 budget)  Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.40.24 PMThat figure represents, roughly, the amount that the next seven countries combined spent that year.   Do we need to spend that much?  Is it to protect the United States citizens?  Or, is it to protect the banker controlled interests globally?
Why is it that we feel the need to outspend so many countries?  Why does the U.S. military have bases in at least 74 countries around the world?  What are we afraid of?  Are we afraid of losing control?  Since the World Trade Centers in NY fell, our military budget has essentially doubled.

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Who are the big winners of the war on terror?  Not the American people…

Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and other company is in the defense industry have nearly quadrupled in value since 2001.  So who owns them?  As per Yahoo Finance, The Vanguard Group and the Capital World Investors are major institutional shareholders of all three of these mega corporations.  That means, they get paid if these companies of war have a good year.  And these guys have a good year when they sell more bombs.  The question is, who actually owns The Vanguard Group and Capital World?

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The KR01 Kuratas Battle Mech created by Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Tokyo.

The future of war is basically sci-fi turning into reality.  The introduction of artificial intelligence or Robots into the battlefield is a daunting thought.  The use of drones in the past years flying sorties into sovereign countries and bombing people based on “intelligence” is increasing.  We get told that the drones are so precise that we are minimizing innocent casualties.  Minimizing innocent casualties is newspeak for innocent people are being killed!  Having a human brain, physically  in the fight, getting real time feedback, is invaluable during combat.  Could a flight suit jockey sitting in an air conditioned room in Nevada give the proper level of intel before making the decision to launch a missile that could end multiple lives?  By taking the human element out of war, you are crossing a dangerous line.  Historically, before a country goes to war, the powers that be need to make a decision.  Is this war (or conflict as its called these days) worth ending the life of many of my people?  This is a decision that used to be probably wrought with countless hours of weighing other options.  Now, with drones and other robotic army assets, that is no longer a hand wrenching, brain racking decision.  The decision has become easier if only drones are used during certain combat missions.  Anytime you make the decision to go to war easier, the worse off a civilization is.  Robots don’t ever ask questions, they just respond, they will follow all orders, whether unlawful or not.  Although, the use of robots in war will be sold with the naive thought that it will be saving lives by pulling soldiers out of harms way, in the long run, I believe many more lives will be lost due to the careless nature of implementing this strategy.serveimage-2

Haven’t we had enough war?  Afghanistan is the longest running war in American history.  And for what?  When will it end?  This is the cry of countless generations, that continue to be appeased/ignored by their corporate run governments.


Funny how the US is the largest arms exporting country in the world, we sell arms to anyone with fiat in the bank.  And yet, there seems to be a push internally to stifle the Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment.  How dangerous can the citizens be with a measly semi-automatic rifle when the US can get their hands on fully auto 50 rounds per second capacity (see vid below)?  Or a mind blowing 250K grenade round per minute weapon, see 2nd vid below.  Not to mention other unconventional weapons capabilities.  Some that get dropped into certain civilian areas in countries to possibly spark unrest and provide aid to “freedom fighters”.

Makes me think.





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