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Yellow lines show proposed pipeline routes. Dark lines are existing pipelines.

Why is the US so involved in Syria? Is it really because the US Military and the politicians want to help the people of Syria overcome an oppressive regime? Or could it be for another reason?  Who is funding this group called ISIS?  This small band of so called “rebels” is threatening the worlds largest military?  Really?  If the U.S. is successful and removes Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, who will they install as the new president? Would this new president be a person that has the Syrian population’s best interest at heart? Or, will a puppet dictator be planted to move forward the wests agenda? In the Obama interview on 60 minutes, Mr. Obama accuses Russia  of doing the very same thing in Ukraine that the U.S. is doing in Syria.   And oh by the way, the President didn’t explain that the west installed Ukrainian President Poreshenko because he is more “willing” to join the Eurozone than his predecessor.  Convenient huh?   Now, I get that Bashar Al-Assad is no boy scout.  But honestly, might this campaign have more to do with an oil pipeline that would connect Iran, Iraq, and Syria to the Mediterranean Sea therefore challenging Saudi Arabia’s supremacy?  Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producing economy in that region, it benefits them to keep that position.  It also benefits the U.S. to have them remain the strongest country in OPEC because Saudi Arabia ensures serveimage-7that all oil purchasing gets done with U.S. dollars, this is known as the petrodollar.   serveimage-9
With the facade that the U.S. is trying to help oppressed people in Syria, the reality is, they are protecting the Saudis power in the region.  The U.S. military are simply hired guns.  They are being used and payed for by another oppressive regime.  Think about that.    Our biggest ally in the region, Saudi Arabia, has been committing major crimes against its own people as well.  Why do we not go after Saudi Arabia?  Saudi Arabia has one of the most agregous human rights records in modern times.


However, them Saudis keep that oil flowing in dollars!


Check out General Wesley Clarks statement below about wars in the middle east.  That is  followed by Mr. Putin and Mr. Obamas comments about Syria.


Who is telling the truth?






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