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Second Democratic Presidential Debate, Three Left on the Left.

serveimage-10When the 2nd Democratic presidential debate kicked off, we were about a day removed from the “terrorist” attack that happened in Paris where upwards of 120 people were killed.  The debate opened under a dark cloud.  “Freedom was savagely attacked”, announced the voiceover, and then there was a moment of silence.  With that announcement, it reaffirms this vague, open ended, war is between “freedom” and “terror”.  And, each side thinks the other side is the bad guy.  Can a war about ideas ever be won?  Maybe not, and is that the point?



“We came, we saw, he died.”

With that, we get into the debate.  Opening statements are the same ambiguous talking points as the previous debate started with.  The only difference, now there were less candidates to choose from.  We are down to 3 on the dem side.  Bernie starts with his “political revolution” line which honestly has some good points about how the Super Pacs should be abolished etc.  He also goes on to say he is not a fan of regime change.  We all know that Hillary is though… a fan of regime change, that is.  Hillary goes right into we need to bring the world together to fight terrorists.  She is a straight up war merchant who has never had direct military experience but acts like a hard-ass when talking about who we should bomb next. serveimage-12 O’Malley spoke for a couple of minutes, but really didn’t say anything.  That seems to be his forte.  He honestly creeps me out with his chiseled on smile.

Forgot to mention, I watched this debate online on CBS.  CBS partnered with Twitter for this one.  During the debate, there was this annoying picture in picture with all of the tweets that were cherry-picked to show on their “live feed”.  Except a couple Trump and Huckabee tweets, there wasn’t one negative tweet that I saw in regards to the contenders.  How can that be?  This was yet another example of media manufacturing the headlines of the debate, therefore formulating the way they wanted the public to define it.  Heres one Instance…There was a tweet that popped up, supposedly from Bill Clinton, saying that he thinks Hillary has the best vision.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.24.30 PM  Well, that is hardly worth mentioning, of course Bill will say that.  He would say anything he has to.  But these are the types of tweets that the CBS twitter newspeak sensors would let through, all the while selling the fact that their feed was real-time.  But I digress…

Then we get into refugees and immigration.  Sen. Sanders says that we (the US) has the responsibility to accept 10’s of thousands of refugees.  Really?  Maybe we just stop bombing Syria.  How about that?  Lets solve the problem at the root, not treat the symptoms.   The next thing Mr. Sanders gets into is his redistribution of wealth ideas.serveimage-14  It’s a great soundbite for lower and middle class off the bat probably.  The only problem with socialism Mr. Sanders, as Margaret Thatcher once said, is “eventually you run out of other peoples money to give away.”  Socialism is a concept that might work well in small villages or tribes.  However, when you have an economy as large as the United States, it doesn’t work so well, as the Soviets found out most recently.  The assumption is made that the person put in charge of distributing everyone else’s wealth, will not become crooked.  All the while you have a system that is not incentive based.  An incentive based economy i.e. work harder get more rewards, seems to work better than the socialist method of everyone work the same and everyone gets the same.  Where does the motivation come from to better yourself, your family, and ultimately the community?

serveimage-15It is a sad day in America, when your choice on the Democratic ticket is between a straight up liar/Washington mega insider, and a socialist.

Clinton goes on to saying that her interpretation of the Constitution tells her that we do not need to enforce our border.  I wonder which Constitution she is reading?  O’Malley seems to be the type of person who will say or do anything to get elected and is very much easily controlled.  Sanders goes on to criticize Mrs. Clinton for basically being in bed with the Wall St. and goes into questioning how she can be looking after the American citizens best interest when she is getting so much money from special interests?serveimage-4  I frankly agree with Bern on that one.


Gun Control.  nothing new here.  Clinton is being guided by her handlers to sell the public on more gun control.  And yet, she has no problem selling 100’s of billions of dollars in military weapons to other countries, not before a small donation was made to the Clinton foundation.   Bernie isn’t as controlled as Hillary and still believes in the 2nd Amendment to an extent.  O’malley mentions some Connecticut classroom shooting, I think he means Sandy Hook.

Closing statements….


Clinton–Takes credit for going after Bin Laden.  Pres. Obama deserves more credit.  Doesn’t want to re-institute Glass-Steagell.

Sanders–Major banks must be broken up.  Free college.  No SuperPacs. Go after drug companies and insurance companies.

O’Malley–Black lives matter pander.  Smile, then smile into the other camera.

Everything is fine!







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