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Why would the House pass a bill to prohibit Americans to know what their eating?  Some in the federal government are trying to block state laws that implement already voter approved laws for companies to indicate if the food they sell is genetically modified.

These Bulls are Genetically Modified.

This bull is genetically modified.


And the Orwellian part, is that they call it the “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015”  This is outrageous!  I prefer the more aptly named monicker for this act called the “Deny Americans the Right to Know Act, or DARK Act.  This bill doesn’t have a date to be introduced to the Senate yet.  This Act is a direct attack on ALL Americans by Monsanto, Dow Chemicals, and other huge food conglomerates, and should be opposed tooth and nail.  Flood your local Congressman and Senators office with calls and emails letting them know they need to choose who they are representing, because if they support this bill, it is not We the People.

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GMO chickens have no feathers.


Also, Directly below is commentary from a  “Food Scientist” that was emailed to a friend of mine.  We’ll call him “Carl”.   Below that is my response to Carl’s outlook on GMO’s.  Just because someone is a “scientist” or “doctor” doesn’t mean that their point of view is always correct or shouldn’t be questioned.  Question all things, don’t allow others to make critical decisions for you and your family.



Would love to come to the picnic but I will be in Washington at that time. I have two more years to work and then I will be able to come to all the events. Summers are busy for me because I work in agriculture.

I remember a time when a scientific breakthrough was just that and it was embraced by our society. Most of the time it was great but sometimes there were consequences and we dealt with the consequences and were not afraid to move forward with the science. Life is a big experiment but based upon longer and better lives, I figure we are the winners for embracing it.

GMO is one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of our times. We will not know of all the consequences for many years but I doubt there will be any other than the turmoil of them being called bad or destructive. They result in the use of less in total and less in toxicity chemicals used to grow the crops. Everyone talks about the huge amounts of Roundup used to grow these crops, yes they use lots of roundup, a chemical that is less toxic than vinegar but is purported to be a poison of epic proportion. GMO’s produce better yields and require less energy and labor to grow. If they were not better why would anyone pay more for seeds to grow them. The majority of our corn, soy, rapeseed, and sugar are from GMO seed. We have been eating them for more than 10 years and the only thing that happened is we all got fatter because they all taste great and their success has led to very low cost calories. As a food industry we are addressing the issue of empty calories. People do need to eat more fruits and vegetables but they do not need to be afraid of GMO’s or pesticide residues.

On the international front there is more and more GMO golden rice grown throughout the world and it is credited with saving many lives because the rice produces the precursor to Vitamin A. In places where there may only be rice to eat a shortage of Vitamin A was causing many deaths. The anti GMO people are against this not because they are afraid of the GMO rice but because it is so good and such a great breakthrough that it might lead to an acceptance of GMO products.

In general the media and the organic food producers and supporters are perpetrating a hoax on the public. The toxicity of GMO’s and or pesticides are the last things people need to worry about. The world is full of toxic and dangerous things that people consume or are in contact with every day that they do not even know the dangers of, yet they are presented with information that these things they cannot see or taste are of danger to them. There are more carcinogens in one cup of coffee than you consume in a year from conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. There is no evidence anywhere that points to any higher levels of illness or cancer from pesticides and GMO’s. There is lots of evidence that they present no hazard. The benefits from them are huge.

Not that everything is perfect. Pesticides are toxic, the biggest danger is to those who handle and use them, I live in the middle of multiple fields that are constantly being sprayed with pesticides. I am aware that this slightly elevates the levels of toxicity that I might be exposed to. The people who mix and spray them have an elevated chance of risk. But, if handled properly this still falls so far down the line of things we all do that are a danger to us. If I slightly burn a piece of toast or have black on my barbequed meat I have just had a major bump of toxic carcinogenic material. Our bodies have mechanisms to fight these toxins because we are constantly exposed to them….cyanides, arsenic, and multitudes of natural chemicals in the air and food we eat. The tiny bits of toxic materials we receive from foods are so non-toxic to our body that it is like we never had them, our bodies naturally destroy them. Any studies you find with rats etc. are used to determine the toxicity and carcinogenic levels of these toxins. These levels ld50’s are then used to determine what the level of the chemicals that are acceptable in the air, water or food we eat. The government then put thousands of %’s of safety factors on those levels. Then we put more levels of safety on them because we use such small amounts of these chemicals compared to what the legal level of use is. They are expensive and will not be used unless they are needed.

Really I could go on for days……..and I usually do, this is my short version.

I do not even say these things to most people, they are not going to believe me anyway or do any research that will take them away from their arrogant superiority or feeling that they are treating their family’s and themselves better because they are spending more on food than others. The hate of GMO’s and love of all things organic is a religion.

Penn and Teller do a great job breaking down the issues with GMO’s and organics.GMO-Corn-Fed-Rat jpg

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Hey there, Thanks for sharing the info below. Some of my thoughts also below…

I agree, some organizations get out of control with warnings on things. One instance are the many ridiculous news stories on how to stay safe from heavy rains or snow. Telling people to stay indoors to be safe. They are selling the public on being dependent on government and or the media. Another example is the utterly mind blowing law that the state of California is considering that would make it illegal for adults to ride a bicycle without a helmet. If that passes, I will show my public disobediance by not complying. I think the seat belt law is also ridiculous. If someone wants to not buckle their seatbelt, they know that they are taking a risk, and they might die in a car wreck. So, I get that.

As far as the embracement of a scientific breakthrough is concerned… I do not agree that a society can truly embrace anything when facts of said breakthrough, are delivered to the public by the organization that stands to monetarily gain tremendously from them. There are some “breakthroughs” that are great, don’t get me wrong. There are others that are not so much, and that’s fine. Science, as definitive as it sounds, is very much able to be manipulated. Most of the time, scientists work off of grants from companies or governments. And a lot of the time, the entity that hires the scientists has the outcome in mind that it wants, then tells the scientists to come up with the “facts” to support said outcome. This would give artificial relevancy to said product. It is rare for a scientist to be independently wealthy enough to do honest research on topics to prove an unbiased outcome.

No offense to your friend, whom I’m sure is a lovely individual, I do not take serious, any “scientist” opinion that says, “I doubt there will be consequences”. The correct response in my mind, would be, “we need to do more research”. Also, referencing Penn and Teller doesn’t necessarily prove ones argument, as entertaining as they are. As reported by US News…Americans are #1 in obesity. Is that because GMO foods taste good? Maybe it could be a lessening of nutrition, or empty calories, which would cause people to still feel hungry after a meal therefore causing them to overeat?

Roundup being less toxic than vinegar…Youtube “Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup is Safe to drink, freaks out when offered a glass”. There are also many farmers who are abandoning the GMO technology because they say it isn’t increasing yields. It also keeps them locked in a perpetual agreement with only Monsanto, no competition.

Monsanto and Dow are two very large corporations that are trying to corner the worlds food market. I am against all companies that want to create such monopolies. Especially, on a commodity so valuable as food. If its such great stuff, why would both of the aforementioned companies be spending millions of dollars to prevent labeling in various states so people don’t know what their eating? Why wouldn’t they be proud of their scientific breakthrough? Wouldn’t farmers and people be hailing this as the ultimate answer? Why is it that many countries refuse food exports from America due to this? Its because there are some truths that are only starting to become evident now.

With respect to religion…Religions are very much a part of our life. We are made to think we must choose a side. In so doing, we sometimes defend that side, sometimes blindly, until the bitter end. This is a way to keep people divided. Some sides we’re born into, other sides we choose, ultimately there are pros and cons to almost every side. Some say being a member of a political party is a religion, some say Ford vs. Chevy, some pick a football team, you catch the drift. When one stops looking for facts because of a self made danger of straying from their learned belief system, people get scared. And when people’s belief system gets challenged, anger usually follows. Usually at this point is when a fact-based debate ends and ridicule ensues.

My whole thing is, I try to look at each issue uniquely. I do not care which political party is supporting an issue, I try to rate each issue on its own merits and my own critical thinking. When a company like Monsanto, Dow chemical and the Media are pushing something globally like this, it usually isn’t for the betterment of society. Its for the control of it. These 2 companies have been making deadly chemicals for decades, Agent Orange being one. There have been links to chemicals this company has made and lower birth rates. There have been GMO toxicity studies on animals that have documented the effects, including…

1—immune system dysregulation
3—accelerated aging
3—altered cel structure in liver, pancreas
4—Still births
5—Birth defects
6—early death

Certainly the above studies that counter Monsantos studies need to be looked into? You are what you eat and I will gladly pay a little more to a local farmer for a quality product, and I do not consider myself to be an arrogant, religious, zealot in so doing. Kind of like, I would rather pay a couple bucks more for an American product instead of a cheap Chinese one. Although admittedly, American products are getting very hard to find.

Sometimes I have unknowingly ate GMO, Its impossible to not. All I’m saying is give me a choice.

I appreciate your ear…!serveimage-3

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