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Convenience is a concept that gets sold to people to make their life easier.  If we are talking about mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, or some other laborious task, I get it.  However, when we are talking about our federal elections, I have issues.  With more and more of our lives able to be managed on computers under the guise of convenience, it begs the question, when does convenience become a moral hazard?  Some things in life require hard work in order to do properly.  When did hard work to achieve a proper factual outcome become to much of a hassle?  Well, kind of recently.  With the technological advances in robotics and computing in the last 10 years or so, there have been companies coming up with automated ways to perform all kinds of tasks.  From cleaning floors…… to choosing our next president?  This leads me to a company called Diebold.  They are the largest manufacturers of ATM’s in the world.  The had a brilliant idea to start a digital election machine business.  This company was indicted in 2013 for  “a worldwide pattern of criminal conduct” by the company…bribing government officials and falsifying documents in China, Indonesia and Russia to obtain and retain contracts to provide ATMs to banks in those countries.”   Would such a company use its election machines to further its own personal interest?  You decide.  What has been proven, is that these machines can easily be hacked by remote control. So, even if the company that created the machines was straight and didn’t influence results, their machines can still be hacked.  Diebold has since sold their election machine business to a company called Election Systems and Software or ES&S.  ES&S now has machines on 60% of US elections.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.40.12 PMThat is some pretty serious power for one company.  It also uses the “Green Movement” to sell people on the fact that they can help the earth by not using paper for elections.  Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.04.06 AM This is a glaringly obvious sales tactics to use some peoples good nature to further profits and ultimately gain control of the US election system, but I digress.  Another noteworthy acquisition in voting technology was back in 2012 when a Spanish company bought a U.S. Election Result Firm.  This company, operating under the name SCYTL provides counting for elections such as the European Parliament elections and other international elections.  This is absolutely crazy!!  ALL ELECTIONS SHOULD BE ADMINISTERED BY THE PEOPLE AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES OF EACH JURISDICTION, AND ON PAPER!!  Having an international corporation run the majority of elections in the world is lazy and dangerous.  You have major banks  guilty of manipulating foreign exchange, stock, and commodities markets.  You have government officials losing major amounts of email and other E- vidence, when an illegal activity is being investigated.   Is it that far of a stretch to believe someone has and is influencing control over the election computers?  Think about that the next time you go into a “voting booth”.  How can we regain our election system?  Kick computers out of the election system, and hand count the votes.  It don’t care if it takes a week!  The open-ended hunt for more conveniences in life will leave us weak, lazy, and not a free people.  I know a lot of the aforementioned election machine news happened a few years ago or longer,  However, with the 2016 presidential election cycle once again directly in front of us, I thought it appropriate to bring up again.  After all, Imagine how convenient the new election fraud machines are now!  Don’t forget to Vote!



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