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Is the government involved in Geoengineering?  If so, why?  Is it for military purposes?  The ability to create a major thunderstorm, blizzard, or a drought over an enemy before a battle could prove to be advantagious.  See the Air Force paper here that dives into the military’s desire to completely control weather.  How about the CIA?  Could they be salivating for this technology?  Some info on straight-up weaponizing weather here.serveimage-1  Maybe it’s for civil purposes?  Helping an area in a drought create more rain could be good, right?  In addition,  seeding clouds to tame hurricanes might be helpful.  Is it for another reason?  There is no doubt that the US and other governments have been involved with and are actively participating in modifying weather.  The golden age of geoengineering was between 1966-1976 as per this paper.


My question is… If we have been tinkering with nature by forcing certain weather patterns via cloud seeding, spraying, or other method for over 60 years, are we finally seeing the results?  Could our attempt to fix a problem be causing the hype that is being purported by the “carbon credit climatologists”?  Are the particulates that are being sprayed in the air, more dangerous to the population than the problem that the spraying is trying to supposedly solve? serveimage-2

Whose finger is on the weather mod button?  Is it on the hand of a person that is really trying to help humanity?  Or is it connected to someone who seeks more power, money and ultimately control over a population?–CG


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“You can find articles and debates in which scientists are proposing to “dim” the sun to slow down climate change, using a technique called “Solar Radiation Management” (SRM). Their concept is to mimic the dimming and cooling effects of a volcanic eruption and existing particulate pollution made by human activity. However, it has been out of the proposal stage for quite some time, and even though officials will not admit it, SRM is already in full-scale operation.

SRM sounds like a viable solution to slowing climate change, and scientists have repeated how “cheap” it is over and over again. But it comes with a price. In fact, it comes with many.

Global climate engineering/geoengineering programs are radically disrupting weather patterns, disrupting the hydrological cycle (causing drought in some areas, flooding others), destroying the ozone layer, and contaminating the entire planet with the toxic fallout from these atmospheric spraying operations.

Climate engineering programs have been fully deployed for many years. There is a mountain of hard science data and film footage to back up this statement of fact. All available data indicates that the ongoing global geoengineering programs are mathematically the greatest single assault against the web of life ever launched by the human race. To interfere with Earth’s life support systems is insanity beyond comprehension and this is exactly what the completely out of control military industrial complex has done. There are no regulations on these atmospheric spraying programs, and no oversight whatsoever. We are all currently being subjected to these ongoing tests.”

“Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare…”

“The Most Important Topic of Our Time”

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Aren’t they just contrails? No.

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