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Before the fifth U.S. Presidential debate started in Las Vegas NV., the RNC Chair, Reinhold Richard, aka,”Reince” Priebus gave a “rah rah” speech to the crowd that seemed similar to what a student union president would give you at a high school pep rally . If a company, er I mean political party, gets its direction and ultimately its driving force from its leader, then I now understand why the Republicans are so far off course.

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Moving right into it…



Opening Moves…

Rand Paul–Quasi-Libertarian speech that had good moments and seemed to be the only one who didn’t want more war.  (As we know, Randy wants to be a member of the good ‘ol boys club,  Remember when he backed Mitt Romney instead of his father back in 2012?)

serveimage-3John Kasich–Blah, Blah, Blah, Ohio, Unity. (I can’t see this guy as president)

Chris Christie–Selling fear in regards to the L.A. Unified School District Closure.  Using lines such as “Think about the mothers taking their kids to school”.  Supposedly all American moms are worried that their kids will not come home from school due to terrorism.  (More war/ more bombs, huh Chrissy boy?)

Carly Fiorina— Take country back from politics and media. (Don’t forget corporations there Carly)

Jeb Bush— Freedom and our “civilized way of life” is under attack.  Rebuild military.  Will keep us safe and free. (Umm, wait a minute…Baby Bush is going to keep us safe and free? ha!)serveimage-4

Marco Rubio— He will be a president that believes the USA is the greatest country.  (nice line Ruby baby, you’re full of them, huh?!)

Ted Cruz–America is at war with radical Islam.  Hunt down terrorists and destroy Isis.  Keep America safe.  (Thats right Teddy, we are at war with them radicals, maybe we should give more bombs to them moderates, huh?  I’m glad you can tell the difference.)

serveimage-22Ben Carson–Moment of silence for the SB victims.  We need to declare war on ISIS and the USA is in critical condition.  (That was the quickest moment of silence ever, huh Benny? That could have been construed as a “brief pause” between sentences instead of a “moment”.)

Donald Trump–People like what I say.  (Hey Donny, could you repeat that please?)


After listening to the opening remarks and the first round of questions from our prospective future leaders, It seemed there was a common thread.  That thread was FEAR.serveimage-6  Each candidate had an answer to the so-called problem.  And each spun it a little differently.  Most of them included more war, more military spending and more mass surveillance as solutions for terrorism.  Ben Carson said we need to monitor anti-American sentiment.  Be careful Ben.  My question to you is, What is the behavior that is deemed Anti-American and who does the defining?  What is anti-American to one, may be anti government to another, or anti a specific political party etc. to yet another.  Hopefully you catch my drift.  All of the aforementioned are 100% counter-intuitive to what our country was founded on.  If that is their answer, then we still have no solution.


John Kasich thinks we have an”encryption problem”.serveimage-14  Meaning, to many people can keep their info private.  Do you think that is the problem John; that we have too much privacy? What sort of information gulag do you want?  And please , don’t threaten to “punch Russia in the nose”, that doesn’t exude confidence as an informed leader.  Ted Cruz goes on using tough guy phrases such as “using airpower to utterly destroy ISIS”, and oh by the way we should arm the kurds.  Ted seems overly confident that he can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.  Interesting, I wonder how he knows this and the entire US military seems to be unaware?  Maybe he has the same intel as Russia?  Rand Paul goes on to remind Chris Christie about the GW Bridge debacle where Christie shuts it down due to political serveimage-15reasons.  Christie is a straight gangster.  Rand was the most reasonable sounding contestant on the show.  At this point Donald Trump is the front runner by a large margin (43% as of 12/15/15). I wish he’d learn to control his facial expressions during these broadcasts though. Not very presidential. Looks very amateur instead.serveimage-5

Also, why does everyone have the US flag pin?  Patriotism, or does each candidate have their stylist serveimage-16choose the best pin to wear with their predetermined tie and outfit?  This has become an annoying tradition in political campaigns recently.  Ya gotta have a pin, or you might seem less Ay-merican. serveimage-17 “Oh, I don’t like this candidate, but I sure do like the pin!”   Keep the pin and give me some honesty that will earn my trust, and the vote will follow.  I digress…


With more war, terrorism, and US citizen surveillance as the talking points for this debate, it seems as if the candidates on the Republican side of the coin still don’t get it (the Democrats don’t seem to either). Or, maybe they don’t want to get that the reason we are being inundated with “terror” and refugees  in our country and other western countries is the fact that we have been bombing the hell out of the middle east for upwards of 20 years straight.serveimage-1  Do we think that more bombs will finally silence a mideast population that is fed up with living in REAL fear and living with serveimage-23REAL terror?  Why can’t we put ourselves in their shoes?  We have been manipulating countries in that region for upwards of 80 years.  We have been creating countries by drawing their borders based on greed, ousting leaders when they get fed up listening to us, and pilfering the local natural resources.


We have been playing god with their lives, now it seems, the heat is getting turned up on us… and now we are outraged.

I love my country, I do not love what it has become.  George and I are still keeping a look out for a real leader.  I’ll let you know when we find one.




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