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Elephants in a Room.

Just finished watching the 2nd 2016 Republican Presidential Debate in Simi Valley Ca.  I use to live, and go to school in that city.  I remember when it was announced that Simi would be the location of President Reagan’s Presidential Library.  I remember watching the presidential motorcade bringing Mr. Reagan to be buried there.  I actually was in DC right before that working, and watched his motorcade drive by heading to the National Cathedral as well.   Most of the debaters tonight pandered to his legacy.  Most said how they were “Reagan Republicans”.   Seems as if they used that as a kind of a direct endorsement from the man himself.  While President Reagan was a good president, I believe others have been greater.

1298929595  The CNN hosted debate started off with questions about Donald Trump.  Trump then through a jab at Rand Paul.  That followed with jabs flying back and forth between Scott Walker, Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush.  Not 10 minutes have gone by, and the stage is filled with quibble.  John Kasich correctly points out the ridiculousness of it all.  But was that itself just an opportunity for him to give the appearance that he was somehow above that?  As I continue watching, I notice Chris Christie.  Remember He was the guy that had the Washington Bridge scandal in 2013.  That’s right, I bet you thought we Americans with our short attention span forgot that, huh? serveimage-10 This was the Scandal whereby  a member of Christies administration cdiscreetly ordered the bridge to be shut down as payback to the Mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing Christies re-election bid.  Is that the type of behavior we want from a President of the United States? I think not.  But I digress.  Fiorina then stepped up with a vigorous, hard line approach and a cleverness that left some of the other candidates silent and the crowd applauding.  However, She went on and on about more military spending, bringing back another naval fleet and other expensive, non-essential foreign policy ideas.  She mentioned it more than once and I made the mental connection between her days at HP as CEO and that she may know CEO’s of other large companies including military industrial complex companies like Boeing, Lockheed, etc.  I would be curious who is funding her?  Doesn’t she know that the US spends more on military than the next top 7 countries combined?  How much more do you want, Carly?  Mr. Bush responded by saying we should send more weapons to Israel?  Are you kidding?  Why?  Israel has all that it needs.  Maybe Mr. Bush knows the same military industrial complex peeps that Ms. Fiorina knows.  Why is everyone so consumed with Iran anyway?serveimage-7  The United States has Iran surrounded.  And we live in fear of them?  Why, because we’re worried they want to harm our interests?  If I was a country and I was surrounded, I would feel a little threatened as well.  And when people feel threatened, rash decisions often get made.  Same thing goes with Russia.  Everyone is saying how tough they’ll be with Russia.  Again I ask, Who is the provocateur?  Yes, Russia isn’t perfect and handles things differently and has different views.  But take a look at this map?russia-wants-war-us-bases-sarcastic-map  Who has who essentially surrounded?  Mike Huckabee had a good point about the Supreme Court legislating from the bench and that needs to be put in check, but other than that, all I heard were party-line talking points.  Ted Cruz is a master orator.  He is calm, looks in the camera,  speaks slowly and concisely, and can dodge a question like a pro. He sounds good.  But I don’t trust him.  He is to good at being a lawyer in my opinion. He really has had a meteoric rise without major accomplishments that are noteworthy. Mr. Rubio seems cool as a cucumber, he has some great constitutional views.  He just seemed overly consumed in ISIS and radical Islam.  Mr. Paul brought up a great point in regards to the US military being used as the muscle for Saudi Arabia.  That is a place Mr. Bush wouldn’t dare go.  I bet his godfather is a sheik or something, with all of the dealings between the Bush family and that country. I don’t have proof of that, just saying.   Ben Carson said a few good things that were unremarkable.  He seems like he is a quiet, calm guy, who apparently is pretty good buds with Bush 43 and Mr. Trump.  Speaking of Mr. Trump.  He tends to ramble on sometimes.  He can be very quick witted with one-liners every now and again.  He showed off his seniority by having the last word with Jeb on a couple occasions.  The best thing I heard from Mr. Trump is his view on vaccines.  I agree with his statement on the fact that newborns get pumped full of loosely tested vaccines and there have been major side effects that need to be looked at.  I  wish he wouldn’t have kind of back peddled by later saying that he was pro-vaccineand just didn’t agree with the doses.


Then as we get close to wrapping things up, CNN teases before a commercial break that the next question when they return is the number one question that their followers on social media sent them to ask the presidential contenders.  Turns out, the question that most people who sent a message to CNN were concerned about was… of course, you guessed it, “climate change”.   Come on.  As Mark Twain said “There are lies, there are damn lies, then there are statistics.”  I’d like to add to that if I may Mr. Twain.  After the statistics bit in your excellent quote,  please insert… “and then there are polls, and then there are reports from social media”.  The fact that climate change was the number one question, leads me to believe the only one who actually was allowed to send CNN a question that was to be read, was Al Gore.  We are told what is to be a popular idea.serveimageSo, that was our illustrious field of presidential hopefuls, at least in the “R” column.  I can’t wait to see the informative debate between the members who occupy the “D” column.


How can so many choices lead to so few options?–CG


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