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When major corporations give tons of dough to political speakers for a 20 minute speech at a convention, I can only ask myself one thing….Is this a payment to a public servant for actual speech services rendered, a payment for past services rendered, or a payment for future services to be rendered? Certainly, most of the time, the big barrel of cash given isn’t due to an actually really good speech.  So, what is really being bought?  What are these services?  What I mean is, 300K for a 20 minute speech could be a very clever way for a corporation/special interest group to donate money to an individual or a “non-profit” with access to past, present, or future, political clout without “breaking any laws”.  There are laws on the books at the FEC (link) that hinder the ability to buy political grace.  Technically a person cannot donate more than $2,700 for an entire primary campaign period. Yet, campaign finance reform will most likely never be looked at scrupulously.  Why would it?  The status quo business for money and politics is  booming!  The last presidential election cycle the two main candidates spent roughly $1.12B to get elected (link)!! That is unbelievable!  It is time to put a limit on how much money one can spend on an election.  There should be different limits depending on which race one is trying to win.  After all, most of that 1.1B is not coming from John Q. Public singularly, most is coming from corporations/special interest groups that don’t give feel good money away, they use their federal reserve notes to buy favor with the “fill in the blank” horse that happens to win the race.  Don’t forget to vote!

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