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Just listened to an interview (link) with an author of a book titled “The 100 Year Marathon”.  It’s about China’s plan to pass the United States as the worlds superpower.  The authors name is Michael Pillsbury (biography link) and he worked in the Carter and Reagan administrations.  He also worked for the Rand corporation and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  In the book, Kissinger admitted that back when Nixon went to China, it was really the Chinese that initiated the move towards opening up relations with the U.S. and not the other way around as was told to the U.S. public.  He also spoke of President Reagan allowing China to get a look into DARPA and other sensitive info, and other presidents dealings with them.  He spoke of how the U.S. was so focused on the USSR, and the Ruskies were spying heavily on China because they were worried about them teaming up with the U.S.–Rabid Thoughts


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