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3 Presidents?

The below is a ThinkTank Q & A with senior editors Rabid Thoughts and Winston Smith.  Rabid Thoughts had an interesting thought in regards to… What if the US had 3 presidents?  What if the Executive Branch was a triumvirate?  Would this mean less executive orders?  Would this be enough to inhibit the government from making any huge unconstitutional or otherwise unpopular moves?  Would this be good or bad?  After all, it may be better then the Oligarchy we now have!  There are still many questions to ask of course…..–Winston Smith


Oligarchy                                                                                                                                                          Image drawn by: Mattias Adolfsson

RT–What if we as a country changed the office of the presidency?  Instead of Prez/Vice Prez, there were three presidents all of equal powers.  One would be based in D.C., another in the midwest, and the other on the west coast.  This way, the people would always have a leader close to them.  They all make decisions regarding the country as a whole but this way they can also serve in more areas of the country, rather than just make appearances for fund raising once in a while.  One would have to lead the military if we have chosen to declare war.

WS–What if two presidents declared war on different factions, or countries etc.?

WS–Could you move to the midwest from NY and be the president of the midwest region?  Or would you have to be born in said region?

RT–They serve throughout the regions.  Throughout their term they serve in the different parts of the country.  With our ability to communicate better these days they can still stay in contact with each other and members of the administration.  Two out of three have to agree on war, but then it still has to go to Congress.  One should be Commander in Chief with boots on the ground during any declared war or conflict to show the people that said war is important enough to send a president to, and that they are there leading by example.

WS-How would they get elected?  The Top 3 vote getters?  Or another method?  Could all three be members of the same political parties?  Or, are there no parties present in this thought?

RT–I believe that there should be political parties because to ban parties would encroach on freedom.  What should be done is, form another party built on democracy and freedom.  If some of the actions taken by that party result in failure, then that can be a lesson learned and studied but not a reason to automatically dismiss the party.  After all, that is what democracy is.

I was thinking that in the 3 president theory, the age limit to run for office should be taken down to eighteen.  I have a similar belief that the drinking age should be brought down to eighteen. If a young person can kill or die in defense of this country, then surely they can enjoy the freedom of having a drink and in turn you should be allowed to run for all offices.  If the three prez theory was a real thing you could have two middle aged persons with some experience and a young person with fresh ideas and concerns of other young people who will feel that their voices and future are better served by one closer to their age and experiences having just gone through them.  Still thinking about how the election process would go!

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