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A group of musicians from Cesena Italy banded together and called on other fellow musicians throughout Italy to come together and play a Foo Fighters hit “Learn to Fly”.

serveimage-1     The reason…? They wanted to call on the band to come to their city in northeastern Italy to perform a concert.  The organizer, Fabio Zaffagniniof, said he had worked for a year straight to figure a way to work this out logistically.  Seems simple enough, right?  a-thousand-musicians-try-to-bring-foo-fighters-to-italian-town-by-covering-learn-to-fly

When I watched this amazing video, it blew me away.  I like a couple Foo Fighters songs and all, I wouldn’t call myself a big fan or anything, but that’s not the point.  When the first drum hit started the song, it hit me like a freight train.  1000 people working together towards a common, simple, goal.  These 1000 people weren’t all the same gender.  They weren’t the same skin color.  I’m guessing they all weren’t of the same political ideology.  The common thread, was that they loved music.  The outcome of this common thread resonated deep down my spine.  I must admit, I teared up…only for a split second though, I swear!! haha.  Imagine if these 1000 people were split up into the aforementioned groups and tried to all play the same song simultaneously with different band leaders.  Would it have been as powerful?  Would it have achieved the same effect?  I’m guessing not.  I thought this was extremely symbolic of how one loud voice, united in harmony, can be heard louder and with more clarity than multiple voices all singing a different tune.

Music, and ultimately vibrations, stimulate something special inside of us all.  Whether the vibrations are negative or positive, they have that effect on the people exposed to them.   This poignant video has joyous passion.  No one was thinking about anything else other than performing this song.

Other than Music, what else unites us?









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